Helping you to get you to your volunteer destination country

Salut, my name is Tina – a social and cultural anthropologist who has lived in Germany, Finland, New Zealand and Ghana. I feel passionate about feminism, children’s rights, animal rights and environmental sustainability. Also, I very much believe in the power of volunteering! It is the best way to make a difference to people around you, develop new skills and learn about life, strengthen civil society, as well as make new friends and have fun. I’d love to share my experiences with you and help you find the best volunteering project for yourself. More about Tina on her LinkedIn profile

Natalie with small girl from Kenya in her arms

Hey, I am Natalie. I nowadays work as human rights lawyer but the journey leading me to where I am today started as a 19 year old volunteer in a school for street children in Accra. Over the last years, I spent many months working with multiple NGOs in different countries. I love meeting new people and getting to know different cultures and places. That’s why I really like the idea of volunteering and helping others to jump on their own volunteer experience. There are many memorable experiences I have from my own volunteering, for example fingerpainting new signs with children for an orphanage in Tanzania, supporting small communities in Kenya through microfinance programs and gardening projects, teaching English in schools in very rural areas of Ethiopia, or organizing fun and joyful events for vulnerable children in Ghana. More about Natalie on her LinkedIn profile


Helping you to make your time in the destination country as good as possible

Angela Koranteng

Hi, I am Angela, your unassuming city girl with multifaceted interests in Social Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Civil Engineering. From founding a non-profit in the last year, I know the importance of volunteering and will be hands-on in ensuring your experience in Ghana is worthwhile and definitely fun. I enjoy connecting with different people as it exposes them and me to new ways of thinking and cultures. I love chocolate, cartoons and recently started doing yoga. More about Angela on her LinkedIn profile.


Connecting us with various actors in Africa and providing the backdrop

Moses Acquah

Hola, I am Moses. I was born in Ghana but have lived and worked in USA, India, Finland, Kenya, South Africa and Germany. I describe myself as a serial entrepreneur and am the founder of Afrolynk, of the Finland-Ghana Chamber of Commerce and the President of the Nordic West Africa Chamber of Commerce. There is nothing greater than giving and supporting others, and I am always happy to assist! More about Moses on his LinkedIn profile.

Frederick Fiifi Owusu

Hey, I am Frederick. I am originally from Ghana but have lived in Cameroon, India and Sweden. I currently act as the President for the Ghanaian – Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Vice President of the Nordic West Africa Chamber of Commerce. I am happy to see volunteers making an impact through their work worldwide. More about Frederick on his LinkedIn profile.