volunteers4africa is a consultancy that connects people who would like to volunteer in Africa with a project that suits them. We have a network of connections with NGOs in several African countries and share our expertise with you to help make your volunteering dream come true. What sets us apart is that our service is small-scale and therefore personal – we will really go the extra mile for you and help you have a good volunteering time.

There are no set start dates and our partner projects run throughout the year, so volunteers join us when it is best for them. Whenever you would like to plan your journey, we are ready to help you plan and get you going.

Our service is based on cooperation with chosen NGOs in various African countries. We have either worked for or with them, or know them very well personally. They offer interested volunteers a unique chance to learn and grow during their time abroad while being involved in the meaningful daily running of the NGOs.

And how much do you have to pay us? Nothing. As official consultants to the NGOs, you don’t waste any money on the volunteer service we offer. We work with passion and joy – and this is exactly how we will help you prepare for your journey and support you during your time abroad.