Choosing the perfect volunteer project

Our carefully chosen partner organisations offer interesting volunteering possibilities for everyone, but it is crucial to find a project that suits specifically you. We help you make the choice by giving you detailed information about each project’s character. Go for the best!

Please be aware that the official volunteer contract you sign is not with us, but with one of our partner NGOs. Our service to these NGOs is that we support you in everything concerning your volunteering.

Applying successfully

We help you prepare your CV and cover letter to apply to the project of your choice. You may already have ideas in mind for your volunteering time, which are great to present in your application. Once you send off your application, it won’t be long before you receive an acceptance letter!

Preparing for your journey

Before you can travel to Africa you must apply for a visa, get necessary vaccinations and health insurance, book your flights and accommodation, collect information on the destination country, and make sure you take along crucial things. We can help you with all of these, provide you with lots of information and get you ready for a smooth journey. We also share some special insights with you and our own favorites and must-dos.

Accommodation in Africa

A good place to stay is crucial for making your volunteering experience enjoyable. Some NGOs offer to arrange your accommodation, others leave it to your own choice. We can help you find your own private accommodation, a shared accommodation with other volunteers or place you with a host family in the destination country. Our housing options are safe, affordable and in good locations.

Connecting you with your personal mentor

One of our mentors will meet you upon your arrival and help you get to your accommodation. She will take you to your project, show you around during the first days, be there for you if you have questions and meet up with you once in a while. The best way to explore a new place is with a local by your side!

Supporting you during your time abroad

Every NGO has their own volunteer coordinator on the ground. However, we are there to check in on you every now and then to make sure you feel like you are at the right place. Always feel free to reach out if you get frustrated with something or if you don’t feel understood. Maybe we can also help you plan and implement a small project of your own!

Additionally, we are available for any questions relating your free time as well. Are you eager to learn traditional cooking? What about slamming some drums? Do you want to know more about events and festivities going on? We are happy to connect you with locals that open the door to their beautiful culture to you.