Our partner projects in Africa are carefully chosen, small-scale but high-quality NGOs. We work with projects in different African countries, for example in Ghana, Togo, and Kenya. Our consultants have visited the projects personally, have volunteered on site themselves, and are closely connected to the project teams, so that we can give you a very personal insight and detailed information.

In case you have not already picked any specific NGO that you want to work with, we are happy to give you more insight about all the projects we can connect you with.

Working with street children

Working with street children

We cooperate with a project that works with children from underprivileged backgrounds who need financial support and other help to attain an education. At the same time, the NGO enrols the children’s mothers into micro-financing projects. As a volunteer you can help monitor children in their schools, practice reading with kids in the library, or be creative in handicrafts. You can also help with fundraising and social media, or think of own small projects to implement while you are there.

Working with sustainable farming and housing

We cooperate with a project that utilizes environmentally friendly and both traditional and modern methods to build housing and to revive farmland. The project works as a social enterprise that revives a farm into an integrated commercial plantation, and thereby employs hundreds of local small-scale farmers. The ultimate aim is to provide food security and eradicate poverty. You can volunteer with the actual building site in engineering, or help out at their various community projects with children and their families in the surrounding villages.

Working for the environment

We cooperate with a project that focuses on waste reduction, recycling and environmental education. Your volunteer work may be hands-on, such as participating in cleaning exercises in local schools and teaching children and youth about the environment, or it may be related to advocacy. You can also do an internship with this NGO and gain valuable work experience abroad.

Working in childcare

We cooperate with a project that cares for children in orphanages and care homes. As a volunteer you can assist the local staff with the daily schedule – playing games, preparing meals for the kids, teaching basic arts and crafts, and simply giving love and attention to children. We welcome childcare professionals and social work students to volunteer at this project.